Thursday, September 11, 2014

Awareness program on gender sensitivity

An awareness program was held on gender sensitivity to provide an understanding about these issues for the citizen forum members in the fisher cooperative society’s center on 29 of August 2014 in Trincomalee district. The  participants were able to shape their knowledge about the gender sensitivity.

There should be a balance between the woman and man in the family but most of Asian countries have the male based society. Same situation can be seen in the family even in Sri Lanka. There should be a good understanding about the responsibilities of man and women in the family. The rights which belong to man should have to women as the same situation and the same ways.
Women should have a right participate to the decision making process in the family and women should be given those opportunities in same quantity in the family, community as we as in the country. There should be good planning process in the family.

A process should be developed insure the rights of man and women in the family. The family as well as government should concern to provide the same education opportunities to girls and boys. The development of technology and communication has influenced to women negatively. Most of women who lived in the complicit areas faced many difficulties because of being a woman.
Mrs. Kamala Diuk who is an experience trainer engaged with the program to share her knowledge and experience with participants. Her concerned about the society influence to the girl, socialization process of the woman and religion and the woman. 

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